Providing Efficient and Affordable Legal Services in NYC for over 10 years.

Estates/Surrogate's Court Practice: Probate and Administration

After the loss of a loved one, there can be a myriad of legal issues left behind. Often a family member must obtain the authority from the Court to handle the property and other assets of the decedent. We specialize in making this process seamless so that the family can grieve and begin to heal while moving forward with the legal obligations.

We handle Estates for individuals with and without a will, disputed or contested estates or inheritances and, among other things, accounting proceedings to ensure all assets have been properly distributed. We also help plan the future Estates of our clients.

Residential Mortgage Lending

The firm handles the closing of Residential Mortgage Loans including conventional, jumbo, FHA for National Lenders such as Carrington Home Loans and Resmac, Inc. We also represent local, private lenders offering asset-based hard-money loans. We have the ability to close at off-site locations, in addition to our office location near the heart of the Downtown Jamaica Business District.

Landlord-Tenant Evictions

In the NYC, landlord and tenant laws are difficult to understand - as there are several different bodies of law the overlap to define the rights and obligations of both Landlords and Tenants. Without qualified counsel you may also have a lot at stake if your rights are not protected properly. We have an extensive history in representing Landlords for over 10 years through which we have developed key strategies in prosecuting holdover evictions and non-payment evictions and also defending against the issues faced by owners and managers of both residential and commercial properties. These range from claims made by tenants to DHCR, HPD, DOB and the housing court and include overpayment, breach of lease, and breach of warranty of habitability.

In addition, we can help manage your property to help prevent future legal problems. We can tailor lease agreements, house rules, rule enforcement postings and mailings to create and confirm mutual understandings with your tenants.

Real Estate Closing Transactions

We represent both Sellers and Purchasers in the transfer of Real Proeprty. Beginning with confirming and negotiating terms, we work closely with the other real estate professionals involved in the transaction. We draft and review Contracts and specialized Riders, work to meet Mortgage requirements, resolve title concerns and provide active representation at the closing table and post-closing to ensure a smooth transaction.